Xabier Morota
Nationality Spain Spanish
Nickname Twister
Career information
Occupation Pilot
Rank Cpt Captain
Aircraft Su-34
Affiliations RAF (briefly)
"I've been called self-centered. Egotistical. Show me a pilot who isn't, and I'll show you a corpse."
— Twister

Twister is a DDI pilot who grew up in Barcelona and dated his sister's friends. He left home at 18 and settled in England for the University. His father was a salesman. He found a Peregrine Falcon which he named Chaser, and learned how to be a falconer in England. Afterward, he became a mercenary pilot.

He said he got a lot of flak for being a mercenary, but thought that was nonsense, and that he only got paid more. He thought they would be obsolete in five years, and desired fame and fortune. He liked fast cars, faster planes, and even faster woman. Causes were not a concern to him, only his job. He also had a rule not to purposefully kill innocents but not if they "got in the way". When he was a rookie, he saw Curtis Bowman. Twister's mother asked him once if he was afraid of dying, and said he didn't know.

After the demise of Rainmaker, he was hired by Russian oligarchs and was shot down by Zeal.


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