Vasily Morgunov
General Morgunov
Nationality RUS Russian
Died Near future
Death place ICBM base near Kamchatka
Career information
Occupation Commander
Rank RUS ARMY Gen General
Affiliations RUS Army Russian Military
Spetsnaz logo Spetzgruppa Medved

Russian ultranationalists

"All we have is one final duty, and we will see it to its end."
— Morgunov to H.A.W.X. squadron

General Vasily Morgunov was a Russian officer and the leader of Spetzgruppa Medved in the North Caucasus Military District in the near future. He and his team fought separatists, who in actuality he had funded in order to acquire nuclear weapons. Possibly influenced by Megiddo, he went rogue by helping Aleksandr Treskayev and was killed by Alex Hunter at a nuclear missile base near Kamchatka. Hunter destroyed the first wave of nuclear missiles he launched and then destroy his command bunker.

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