Unidentified Thunder Flight pilot
US Pilot
Nationality USA American
Career information
Occupation Pilot
Rank Major Major
Aircraft F-14B Bombcat
Affiliations Navy United States Navy
"That's all we know at this point, Major. Suit up and report to the flight deck. We've got work to do."
— Russel to the pilot

A F-14 pilot is the leader of Thunder Flight assigned to the USS Andrew Jackson during Operation: Typhoon of the Artemis Global Security crisis in June 2021. The carrier battle group was taking on supplies and prepared to return to the Western United States from its port in Tokyo Bay. Under the orders of Commander Russel, Thunder Flight, along with Japan Self Defense Forces, was assigned to defend Tokyo Bay from Artemis fighters before they ultimately destroyed the Artemis naval fleet, allowing the battle group to return home.


  • The player takes control of this pilot briefly during Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X. to show part of the war apart from David Crenshaw's perspective.
  • Although the pilot is said to be a Major (0-4), the US Navy does not have that rank. Its correct rank would be Lieutenant Commander.


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