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Unforgivable Mistakes
Unforgivable Mistakes.png
Vital statistics
Date January 1991
Location Iraq
US military Iraqi forces
Two aircraft, Ranger battalion Ground forces, aircraft
Light Heavy
Next Wanted
Previous Albatross

Unforgivable Mistakes is a mission launched by the US military during the First Gulf War.

Air Force pilots Dagger and Rainmaker were assigned to protect Army Rangers escorting a VIP. During the mission, they picked up another group of Rangers that had come under attack. As they approached a village, they saw that the Iraqis had set up roadblocks in the middle of it. They could not fire on it as per the rules of engagement. However, Rainmaker believed that he had clearance to fire, and did so. He took out the enemies but also caused extensive civilian casualties.

He was soon placed off of active flight duty as a result of the incident. He tried to convince Dagger to back up his claim, but the other one had him black-balled from the miiltary, causing a lifetime rivalry. As revenge, Rainmaker had Dagger's son Curtis Bowman Losing Control killed, but he secretly survived.



Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X. 2 (Wii) Unforgivable Mistakes


If the player causes too much damage in the village, the mission will end in failure.