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USS Andrew Jackson
Andrew Jackson BG.png
Country USA.png United States
Branch Navy.png United States Navy
Type Aircraft Carrier
Commander Russel
Appearances H.A.W.X.

The U.S.S. Andrew Jackson is a United States Navy aircraft carrier, the same type as the U.S.S. James Lawrence. Its Air Officer was Commander Russel.


It was stationed with her battle group in Tokyo Bay in June 2021. During the Artemis crisis in 2021, all U.S. military forces were ordered home while the battle group was loading supplies when an Artemis fleet arrived. The ship's naval aviators of Thunder Flight fought off the invaders with the Japan Self-Defense Forces and the battle group departed for the Western United States. The Japanese Defense Minister told them that the SDF will deal with the Artemis survivors, leaving the battle group in time to sail ahead.



  • Its class is the same as USS James Lawrence, which does not match any existing aircraft carrier.