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Trans Caucasus Express
HAWX 2-12.png
Vital statistics
Date Near future,
same time as
Final Push
Location Russia
(Separatist territory)
Russian military Separatists
Spetzgruppa Medved
(Paratroopers and aircraft)
1 train, aircraft, AA guns
N/A Train captured
Military forces lost
Next Behind Enemy Lines
Previous Final Push

Trans Caucasus Express is a mission conducted in the near future by Spetzgruppa Medved.


Back in Russia, Captain Sokov has joined a newly formed elite team called Spetzgruppa Medved and led by General Morgunov. Their first assignment is of massive importance: tracking down and recovering three nuclear devices that have ended up in the hands of separatist fighters.


After the separatists stole three nuclear weapons, bureaucratic delays prevented the Russian military from intercepting them before they entered their territory. The FSB stationed agent Stephan Drachev on-board the train, and General Vasily Morgunov created a plan where Medved would seize a separatist airbase (Vladikavkaz). They then ambushed and secured the train to recover the warheads, which they placed in two transports. 30 minutes later, they took off, although one of the warheads was later rendered unrecoverable.