Training Day
HAWX 2-2
Vital statistics
Date Near future
Location Aberdeenshire, Scotland
British Armed Forces Training Planes
4 Eurofighter Typhoons
None None
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Previous Contact

Training Day was a mission in which Lieutenant Colin Munro was trained in combat with virtual combat simulators.


In the Great Britain, navy and air force pilots are doing their own preparations. Colin Munro, a young navy pilot, takes part in a joint training exercise with air force pilots.


Commander Dennis Gates: Due to recent events in the Middle East, the MOD has put the navy on notice for possible deployment. All carrier pilots must be certified for flight duty within the next twenty-four hours. You will be conducting air combat training as part of a joint readiness exercise with air force units in Scotland. All weapons fire and damage will be simulated using virtual combat systems installed in your aircraft. Your combat and flight performance will be evaluated in real-time by instructors on the ground. Munro, as new pilot in the squadron, I'm going to be paying special attention to you. Report to the flight line for your aircraft assignment.


Munro took off from the allied air force base and trained with his squadron, Polaris Flight, in virtual dogfights. As they were preparing for ground attack training, an unidentified airliner encroached on their airspace and they were rerouted to intercept. As Munro flew on its wing, it exploded and crashed on the runway, causing minor damage to the base.



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