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The Rescue
HAWX 2-5.png
Vital statistics
Date Near future,
22 hours after Contact
Location Africa
U.S. military Insurgents
H.A.W.X. squadron
(AC-130U Spooky)
Ghost Recon team
V-22 Osprey
USS Marshall
Attack helicopters
Light vehicles
Air and ground defenses
Patrol boats
Frigates and destroyer
V-22 Osprey All forces
Next Oil City
Previous Interception Course

The Rescue was a mission conducted by the H.A.W.X. squadron in the near future.


Once Colonel Crenshaw has been located, it has also been discovered that the insurgents plan to execute him in a few hours. A special forces team got into the insurgent controlled territory to rescue him, backed up by an AC-130U Spooky. Major Rebecca Walters, one of the surviving HAWX pilots, is flying the plane.


After the attack on Prince Faisal Airbase, Colonel David Crenshaw was located and held in the enemy safe house in Africa and a Ghost team was deployed to rescue him while Major Walters piloted an AC-130U Spooky gunship to provide close air support, with Major Alex Hunter controlling its weapon systems to destroy all enemy air defenses, vehicles and tanks.

After the Ghosts secured Crenshaw, an enemy tank had destroyed their V-22 Osprey and they took a vehicle as they drove to the docks, with Hunter clearing defenses, enemy vehicles, tanks and attack helicopters. After they seized a patrol boat, the Ghosts made their way to the sea and Hunter destroyed enemy attack ships, patrol boats and attack helicopters and meet up with the United States Navy frigate USS Marshall, where Crenshaw was brought on-board and treated for his wounds.

Soon, he recovered to brief the remnant members of H.A.W.X. on their counterattack against the insurgent forces in the Areas of Responsibility under Central Command.