H.A.W.X Wiki
Tak Sakai
Nationality USA.png Japanese-American
Nickname Ringo
Died Near future
Career information
Occupation Pilot
Rank LT.png First Lieutenant
Affiliations USAF.png United States Air Force,
HAWX.png H.A.W.X. squadron (defected)

Tak "Ringo" Sakai is a pilot in H.A.W.X. squadron. He was born in Georgia with his sister Miko, and his father, who worked hard for an electronics company, wanted quiet. Once his father gave him his "good luck" coin. Ringo wore a ring with the coin in it. He considered that he was born with limited social skills. He earned his way to a swagger: a fighter pilot.

He learned to be in control at home, and others saw him as cool and calculated. He was an aerospace major and philosophy minor at UCLA. He once was in love with Amy at 17. His greatest fear is that he would die without love. He was instrumental in bringing Arrow into the squadron by a series of "pings".

During one mission protecting a base, he encountered Arrow, who was flying with DDI. Arrow pursued him, but spared him. Arrow soon left DDI and returned to H.A.W.X. They flew together on several missions, and Ringo may have harbored feelings for fellow pilot Sonnet.

He saw Arrow as different from him and potentially dangerous, but also as a friend. He once followed Arrow and Sonnet into the mountains, and decided instead of having irrational anger, he would focus it on Arrow.

Following Sonnet's rejection of him in favor of Arrow, he went off the edge and was seduced by Rainmaker's offer to join DDI. He betrayed Arrow and shot him down. Once in Rainmaker's employ, he was used to testing UAVs.

A swarm attacked him and he died in the cockpit. Rainmaker had only used him to test his UAVs and to get revenge on Arrow for leaving DDI.