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Stephan Drachev
Nationality RUS.jpg Russian
Nickname Wolfhound
Birth place Russia
Career information
Occupation Special Agent
Affiliations Voron.png VORON
FSB Emblem.png FSB

Stephan Drachev (code-name: Wolfhound) is a special agent working for the Russian intelligence in the near future.

Early Life and Career[]

Stephan Drachev was born around 40 years of age. His facial appearance included black hair and brown eyes. At some point, he joined the Russian Armed Forces and had spent four years in the 106th Guards Airborne Division and spent at least six years of service in the GRU.

Prior to the insurgent conflict, he was possibly involved in clandestine operations in the United Kingdom and the United States. Therefore, he had no criminal records or notes for the past eight years. After his military service, Drachev joined Voron, as well as the Russian FSB or the Federal Security Service, as one of their top agents.


Drachev had deployed and assisted the U.S. military and the elite H.A.W.X. squadron in eliminating the insurgents alongside his original mission, which was to capture the insurgent leader operating in Africa and the Middle East.

At the same time, the Russian Armed Forces were fighting the invading separatists, and he returned to try and find three stolen nuclear warheads. Drachev suspected that General Vasily Morgunov had committed treason, and he was the victim of an elimination attempt.

However, he survived and contacted Captain Dmitri Ivanovich Sokov, convincing him to defect by recording the secret phone conversation between one of the separatist leaders and Morgunov before coping the incriminating evidence under Drachev's instructions.

After Sokov met up with Drachev at Hanger Four in Alagir Forward Air Base, they escaped using the fastest, but unarmed fighter plane from the base and Colonel David Crenshaw debriefed him in Incirlik about the conspiracy against President Anton Karzkazev.

He later joined the H.A.W.X. squadron in finding the last warhead in Cape Town, South Africa. Drachev, Sokov and the H.A.W.X. Squadron soon foiled Morgunov's plot to destroy the world with ICBMs from an arctic nuclear missile base near Kamchatka Peninsula.