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Vital statistics
Date Near future,
three days after
No Room for Error
Location Moscow, Russia
U.S. military
Russian loyalists
Spetzgruppa Medved
H.A.W.X. squadron
Captain Dmitri Sokov
Kamov Ka-50s
Ghost Recon
Kamov Ka-50s
Ground forces
3x Tupolev Tu-95
None Heavy
Next Last Stand
Previous Amphibious Assault

Stand-Off, as part of Operation Pandora's Hope, is a mission in the near future where Russian troops loyal to President Anton Karzkazev stormed Moscow.


All the forces involved in the conflict finally converge on Moscow, where the loyalist Russian troops are fighting to reinstate the rightful president with help from the US. Standing against them is not just the ultranationalist army of Aleksandr Treskayev, but also general Morgunov's feared Spetzgruppa Medved.


Colonel David Crenshaw: Heavy fighting continues in Norway, and over the last forty-eights hours the Russians have sent a steady stream of reinforcements into the region. With most of Russia's combat troops deployed outside the country, the Pentagon believes that we have a window of opportunity to strike at Treskayev and the ultranationalists directly and remove them from power. We have special forces troops in Russia right now, coordinating with Russian military units loyal to President Karzhazev. At 1500 hours, these troops will enter Moscow and force their way to Red Square, where they will surround the Kremlin and attempt to take Treskayev into custody. One of Treskayev's key supporters, General Vasily Morgunov, is in position south of the city with a large force of elite troops. It's certain that he'll try to rescue Treskayev as soon as the fighting starts. Your job is to make sure that doesn't happen.


The H.A.W.X. squadron provided aerial cover for a Ghost Recon team as they stormed into the Kremlin and capture Aleksandr Treskayev. The squadron dueled with Medved, as the allied ground troops established a defense perimeter around the Kremlin. They targeted a few armored troops before Hunter cut them off by bombing four bridges that lead to the Kremlin. Finally, Hunter shot down a bomber squadron before they could destroy the Kremlin. The Ghost Lead reported that they had secured the Kremlin, but there was no sign of Treskayev.