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"Each of you, from fighter pilots, to infantrymen, to ground crew, were selected for Spetzgruppa Medved because you were the bravest, most experienced and most loyal troops in the district."
— General Morgunov in Trans Caucasus Express

Spetzgruppa Medved was a special forces unit operating in the near future and it was comprised of fighter pilots, infantry soldiers and ground crew from various units of the Russian military.

Their base of operations was Millerovo Air Force Base in the territory of North Caucasus Military District and their commanding officer was General Vasily Morgunov.


A Medved fighter squadron, including Colonel Denisov and Captain Sokov, launched to intercept separatist forces that were attempting to save their leaders and threatening the allied ground forces retreating from the region and the combat zone.

Soon after, they launched a mission to recover three stolen tactical nuclear warheads and bring two of them back to the Russian territory at the cost of one warhead that was entombed by a huge flood on the crash site once Captain Sokov destroyed the dam.

Voron agent Stephan Drachev later contacted and convinced Captain Sokov to defect as he revealed that Morgunov was secretly funding the separatist movement in order to acquire the warheads and how his commander was supporting the separatist leader, Aleksandr Treskayev, in his plan to oust President Anton Karzkazev and seize control of the government, as well as the Moscow Kremlin and even crippling Russia's energy industry.

At some point, Medved tried to rescue Treskayev in the Kremlin, but the H.A.W.X. squadron of the United States Air Force and Captain Sokov stopped them. They later escaped from loyalist forces in Moscow and quickly seized a nuclear missile base near Kamchatka Peninsula and tried to launch ICBMs at various major cities around the world, but they were stopped again.

Known Members[]