The Reykjavik Accords is a charter that is ratified by 191 countries including the US in 2012.


Reykjavik Accords 2012

Turning PMC units into operational international armies is intended to decrease regional and international conflicts, better protect civilian populations and human rights, and intensify the international war on terror. PMCs are seen as the future of peace-keeping forces, and their lack of political entanglements and quick response times theoretically makes them excellent fast responders to crises and humanitarian missions.


The Accords defines the role of PMCs in combat as well as their new responsibilities in terms of human rights.

The Accords authorized the right for PMC units to serve in every aspect of military operations. With this accords, PMCs can be engaged in full-scale forward operations.

The guidelines set down by the accords are simple. PMCs act as international and independent entities and must be contracted by a sovereign state to enter a conflict. They cannot target civilian populations and all PMC operational units must be given the status of official combatants. Also, all PMC units must use their own equipment to fulfill their missions.


With this, they are now fully authorized to purchase any conventional equipment on the international armaments market from jet fighters, armored vehicles, tanks and every vehicles. They are also allowed to have their own version of an infantry unit, with access to guns and a gear. PMC units are now real private armies officially recognized by sovereign states. The war market has been deregulated: States lift all commercial restrictions to conventional weapons exchange with PMC units, so long as they respect the Reykjavik Accords. Within the limits of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, it is now up to each nation decide whom they wish to sell to – and what they wish to sell. Most of the leading nations, including the United States, choose to sell only their older, outmoded equipment to the PMCs. A few, however, see the opportunity for quick profit, and make available even top of the line military hardware.

Later historyEdit

Following the 2021 War, the Accords were overwritten and the PMCs were forced to disband.

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