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Reaper Flight was an American mercenary squadron led by Captain David Crenshaw and its Commanding Officer is Colonel Bruce, Artemis Global Security's Flight Operations supervisor. Casper and Talon were Crenshaw's wingmen.


The H.A.W.X. Squadron retired from the United States Air Force, and they were recruited into Artemis after contacting the company's CEO Adrian DeWinter. Their first operation was in March 2015, Operation: Adder. They also flew in Operation: Cobalt and Operation: Blacklight in November.

They then flew Operation: OFF Certification to be trained for the Las Trinidad conflict in 2021. Their missions in that conflict were: Operation: Glass Hammer, Operation: Backfire, and Operation: Ulysses. During the last mission, they defected back to the U.S. Air Force when Artemis attempted to launch a sneak attack on the U.S.S. James Lawrence battle group of the United States Navy.