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Operation: Wildhorse
Vital statistics
Date June 25, 2021
Location Cape Canaveral, Florida
Result H.A.W.X. victory
H.A.W.X. Artemis Global Security
H.A.W.X. squadron
Space facility's
Defense Forces
(Fighters, Bombers, Cargo planes
and AWACS)

Ground forces
Cruise missiles
Light All forces and cruise missiles
Next Operation: Javelin
Previous Operation: Thunderbolt

Operation: Wildhorse was an operation in 2021 in which David Crenshaw and H.A.W.X. Squadron defended the launch of a new satellite at Cape Canaveral, Florida.


The war is turning in our favor. Reinforcements are arriving from abroad, but before the counteroffensive can swing into full gear we've got to replace the satellites Artemis destroyed to get the SLAMS system back online.


Major Derrick Wallace: Welcome back, Captain. Your hard work over the Appalachians is already starting to pay off. The Ghost teams report that the Command Uplink Node is now in full working order and we've managed to restore control over the radar uplink nodes; all we need to do now is to put the new satellites into orbit to restore the SLAMS laser network. We're preparing an emergency shuttle launch at Cape Canaveral to replace the lost laser platforms. It's certain that Artemis will do everything in their power to stop us. We need you and your flight on station over the facilities to keep the enemy from interfering with the launch. Artemis is going to throw everything they have at us to try and stop the launch. You can expect to encounter enemy fighters, attack planes and possibly ground forces as well. We've only got one shot at this Captain, so it's absolutely crucial that the launch goes as planned. Protect the launch facilities at all costs! Good luck, Crenshaw.


David Crenshaw and the H.A.W.X. squadron defended the shuttle from Artemis' attacks and shot down the AWACS plane equipped with a jammer which was interfering with the launch. Lastly, Crenshaw destroyed two cruise missiles that were pursuing the shuttle.



Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X - Mission 16- Wildhorse -HD- -Elite Difficulty-