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Operation: Ulysses
Vital statistics
Date June 19, 2021
Location Magellan Straits
Result Brazil/US victory
Brazil/US Artemis
Las Trinidad
Artemis defectors:
Reaper Flight
U.S. Navy:
USS James Lawrence naval fleet
Las Trinidad:
A large naval fleet
Su-32 Strike Flankers
AH-64 Apaches
MiG-29 Fulcrums
Myrmidon and her fleet
F-15C Eagles
None All forces and Myrmidon sunk
Next Operation: Stiletto
Previous Operation: Backfire

Operation: Ulysses was a mission conducted in the Magellan Straits in 2021.

Artemis Global Security received a support contract from the U.S. military as the result of the successful Operation: Backfire. Artemis dispatched Reaper Flight to provide close air support for the Navy's U.S.S. James Lawrence fleet, preparing to counter-attack Las Trinidad's last stand after their ground offensive details were secured by a Ghost Recon team.


Operation Backfire dealt a crippling blow to Las Trinidad, and now a US Navy strike group has arrived to support Brazil's counter-attack. Las Trinidad is launching a last-ditch defense on the US Navy strike group in hopes of regaining the upper hand.


Colonel Bruce: I see you still have issues obeying direct orders, Captain; let me remind you that I'm in charge of all Artemis Global Security assets here, and unless I'm mistaken you're flying a plane that is Artemis company property. The US commanders were pleased with your performance during the operation and they've requested more air support for future operations. Your squadron will be temporarily assigned to fly close escort for the US carrier group. Make sure you stay close to their ships. A US Navy officer will brief you on your assignment. Enjoy your flight.

Adam Bowden: Here's the situation, Captain; after we captured Las Trinidad's battle plans at their field headquarters, the enemy halted their ground offensive just like we hoped. But our reconnaissance satellites have detected a large enemy fleet leaving Las Trinidad waters and moving south; we've been tracking them ever since, and the James Lawrence battle group is moving to intercept. Artemis has assigned you and your wingmen to provide additional air support for the coming battle. We requested assistance from their naval units as well, but we were told that no ships were available. You and your pilots are going to be assigned to fleet protection during the offensive: I want your flight to maintain a combat air patrol in the vicinity of the James Lawrence battle group until further notice. Are there any questions? No? Then report to your planes, gentlemen, and good luck.


Artemis' Reaper Flight protected the US fleet from enemy attack aircraft as they attacked the Las Trinidad naval fleet. Shortly after the engagement, Artemis launched a sneak attack with their small fleet in an attempt to regain control over the Brazilian 'market'.

Reaper Flight were ordered to withdraw from the area, but they defected to their country's side and elected to attack the Myrmidon and her naval escorts. After the destruction of Artemis powerful flagship, Crenshaw and his men left Artemis and rejoined the H.A.W.X. squadron.



Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X - Mission 8- Ulysses -HD- -Elite Difficulty-



  • During the cutscenes, the wake of the ships does not move.