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Operation: Typhoon
Vital statistics
Date June 24, 2021
Location Tokyo Bay, Japan
Result US/Japanese victory
US Navy
Artemis Global Security
Thunder Flight
USS Andrew Jackson
battle group
AV-8B Harriers
AH-64 Apaches
F-14D Super Tomcats
Large naval fleet
Light-to-medium All forces
Next Operation: Backhand
Previous Operation: Iron Arrow

Operation: Typhoon was a mission during Artemis Global Security's invasion of the United States. The US Navy and JSDF forces in Tokyo defended the USS Andrew Jackson carrier battle group from Artemis Global Security's attacks on Tokyo Bay in Japan.


In the wake of Artemis' attack on the United States, the Pentagon has ordered all military units abroad to return home immediately. The Andrew Jackson battle group is in Tokyo Bay preparing for a high-speed transit back to the US.


The same day, Tokyo, Japan.

Russel: Time's of the essence, Major, so let me get right to the point; Artemis Global Security has launched a massive assault on the United States. Artemis air and ground units have knocked out our satellite systems, seized major US cities and attempted to capture the President and his Cabinet. We've received word that a small US force has won a major victory at Chicago, but the situation at home remains desperate. The Joint Chiefs have ordered all military forces abroad to return to the US immediately and provide support. The Andrew Jackson Carrier Battle Group has been in Tokyo Bay for the last forty-eight hours, taking on supplies for a high-speed transit back to the States. The Japanese government has given us their full support to complete our resupply in record time, and we're all grateful for their support. Your orders are to pick up a number of replacement planes at Atsugi Naval Air Facility and return to the carrier as soon as possible. The Admiral wants to get underway as soon as the last supplies are abroad.

It is possible that Artemis may try to prevent our return to US waters. Our intelligence assets inform us that the corporation's Pacific Fleet terminated its contract in Southeast Asia and left port several days ago. The Japanese Self Defense Forces are on full alert, and will give us early warning in case Artemis attempts to violate their territorial waters. That's all we know at this point, Major. Suit up and report to the flight deck. We've got work to do.


A naval aviator leader and his pilots of Thunder Flight, along with the Japan Self-Defense Forces, defended the carrier battle group from Artemis' attacks and cleared the way for its return to the United States.

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