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Operation: Twilight
Vital statistics
Date June 26, 2021
Location Los Angeles
Result H.A.W.X. victory
US military Artemis Global Security
H.A.W.X. squadron
AWACS Citadel
AA defenses
None Heavy
Next Operation: Monarch
Previous Operation: Javelin

Operation: Twilight was an operation in 2021 in which David Crenshaw and H.A.W.X. squadron destroyed a nuclear warhead stolen by Artemis Global Security before it detonated in Los Angeles.


Though we secured the missiles in Nevada, Artemis is still one step ahead of us. One of the warheads was taken to Los Angeles and hidden somewhere in the city. Now we've got to find it before its too late.


General Keating: Crenshaw, this is General Keating. Listen carefully, son, because we're almost out of time. An Artemis special operations team slipped into Los Angeles a few hours ago and placed a nuclear warhead somewhere in the city. The warhead set off our radiological alarms but the detectors can't narrow down the warhead's location. The Artemis team must have remained mobile until the very last minute because they've left radioactive traces all over the city. The only way to filter out the false traces and find the bomb is to perform a search from the air. We've equipped an AWACS plane with radiological sensors that will fly a search pattern over the city and find the exact location of the warhead. Artemis expects us to try and find the bomb, so they've got fighters and automated air defense systems covering the city. Crenshaw, you and your men have to protect the AWACS plane from air and ground threats until the bomb is found. According to the warhead's specs we've only got a few minutes until the timer runs out. We don't have a second to spare, Captain, good luck and godspeed.


David Crenshaw and the H.A.W.X. squadron protected AWACS Citadel from Artemis fighters as it searched for the missing warhead. With one minute before detonation, Crenshaw used his ERS to set up a safe path and destroy the warhead before it detonated. Although it released radioactive material, the city had been evacuated.



Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X - Mission 18- Twilight -HD- -Elite Difficulty-


If the player fails to secure the warhead, it explodes, killing everyone.

If you destroy the warhead before the timer starts, the game soft locks, requiring a mission restart.

If you died after destroying the warhead and respawn, the mission continues as a victory.