Operation: OFF Certification
Vital statistics
Date January 10, 2021
Location Artemis Operations Center,
Caribbean Sea
Artemis Global Security Training flight drones
F-15 ACTIVE Training Drones
None Drones
Next Operation: Glass Hammer
Previous Operation: Blackflight

OFF Certification was an operation launched on January 10, 2021, in which Artemis Global Security, upon receiving defense contracts from Brazil, trains David Crenshaw with their new enhanced flight system called OFF mode.


Thanks to our successes with the United Nations, Artemis has secured a high-profile defense contract with Brazil. We're now in position to become the dominant player in the South American market, and one of the top PMC's in the world.


Colonel Bruce: Your squadron is being deployed to Brazil to reinforce out client's defense network. The CEO and the Board of Directors have high expectations for the company and we expect you to meet them. That means taking more risks and flying more aggressively, which is why we expect all Artemis pilots to make use of our new OFF enhanced flight system. The system will allow you to push your plane to the absolute limit, giving you an unbeatable edge against your opponents. As soon as you've been approved by your OFF flight instructor you'll be packing for Rio de Janerio.


Crenshaw was trained in Artemis' OFF mode by Major Talbot, including shooting down several unarmed and armed drones and was assigned for the contract in Brazil.


Tom Clancy's H.A.W

Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X - Mission 5- OFF Certification -HD- -Elite Difficulty-


Mobile version Edit

The mobile version features "OFF Certificate" as the game's prologue, moving the mission up. During the mission, the drones are shown to be EF-2000 fighters, and Major Talbot's picture is that of Colonel Bruce.


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