Operation: Monarch
Vital statistics
Date c. mid-July 2021
Location Artemis hidden base
Result Artemis HQ destroyed
H.A.W.X. Squadron Artemis Global Security
1 F-22 Raptor Patrol boats
Air defense
None HQ destroyed
All forces
Next Mission: Major Zeal
Previous Operation: Twilight

Operation: Monarch was the final part of Artemis Global Security's attack on the United States in 2021


It's been several weeks since Artemis' attack on the US. The PMC's combat units have been captured or destroyed, and its global operations shut down. Adrian DeWinter and the corporation's Board of Directors are the subject of an international manhunt.


AWACS Citadel: H.A.W.X. Lead, this is Citadel. Enemy search radars are active, so keep low as you fly through the canyons to avoid detection. This is a black operation, so stealth is crucial. An altitude indicator on your HUD will warn you if you are flying too high. If you exceed safe altitude and are detected, we'll have to abort the mission. Keep it in the weeds, Captain. We're only going to get one shot at this.


After Third Echelon confirmed the Artemis Board's location, Captain David Crenshaw was sent to destroy the remainder of Artemis' leadership. He infiltrated the area and launched two missiles at the hidden base, destroying it.


Tom Clancy's H.A.W

Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X - Mission 19- Monarch -HD- -Elite Difficulty-


The mission is the game's Epilogue.

Mobile versionEdit

In the mobile version the player must stay in an ERS path.


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