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Operation: Javelin
Vital statistics
Date June 26, 2021
Location Nevada Desert, USA
Result U.S. victory
US military Artemis Global Security
H.A.W.X. squadron
Tiger Flight
Ranger Battalion
Air defense system
Ground forces
Light Air defense system destroyed
All forces
Next Operation: Twilight
Previous Operation: Wildhorse

Operation: Javelin was an operation in 2021 which David Crenshaw and H.A.W.X. squadron defended three teams of Ranger Battalion as they retake a decommissioned US Army base in Nevada Desert.


NSA reports that Artemis has refitted their stolen warheads to a number of missiles at a captured military base in Nevada. The SLAMS system still isn't ready; we're going to have to retake the nukes with a ground assault.


Major Derrick Wallace: Captain Crenshaw, I wish I could say otherwise, but you've got another tough job ahead of you. Thanks to the successful shuttle launch at Cape Canaveral, we were able to restore the SLAMS satellite network and we're now working to re-initialize the system at the Command Uplink Node in the Appalachians and calibrate the replacement laser platforms. The techs inform me this could take anywhere from four to six hours. Fortunately, we've received word from the NSA that they've managed to locate the warheads at a decommissioned US Army base in the Nevada desert. Artemis is gathering all its remaining forces for a last ditch defense around the nukes. We're sending all available forces to hit the base and recover the warheads. We can't take the chance that Artemis won't decide to disperse the warheads and make them even harder to find. We don't have many pilots left, but we have the HAWX. I want you to support the offensive and provide close air support to the forces on the ground. We've got your birds refueled and waiting on the ramp. Good luck and good hunting.


H.A.W.X. squadron protects Alpha, Bravo and Charlie teams of Ranger Battalion as they advanced to the base. Once the Tiger Flight neutralized the base's air defense system, H.A.W.X. squadron destroyed all Artemis forces so the Ranger Battalion could secure the nuclear warheads. They discovered that one warhead was missing.



Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X - Mission 17- Javelin -HD- -Elite Difficulty-