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Operation: Iron Arrow
Vital statistics
Date June 24, 2021
Location Chicago, IL
Result US victory
US military Artemis Global Security
H.A.W.X. squadron
AWACS Citadel
Ground forces
AA guns
AH-64 Helicopters
Light Heavy, jammers destroyed
Next Operation: Typhoon
Previous Operation: Torchlight

Operation: Iron Arrow was a mission conducted by the H.A.W.X. squadron in 2021. The flight was sent to Chicago, Illinois, USA under the orders of the US Air Force to find the source of Artemis Global Security's jamming system and destroy it.


The situation across the US is grim; Artemis forces have launched attacks on several cities and military bases, inflicting major damage. Enemy jamming has isolated our scattered forces; it's crucial we restore communications before we can organize an effective defense.


Major Derrick Wallace: Here's the situation, Crenshaw; I'm afraid there's not a whole lot of good news to report. Thanks to you and your men, the President and his Cabinet has escaped Artemis forces and have reached safety at a secure location. But America has been hit hard, very hard we don't even know the full extent of the damage Artemis has inflicted, but we do know our position is extremely precarious, and the Artemis offensive is ongoing. We know for certain that Artemis has knocked out most of our satellite assets. We lost contact with the SLAMS Command Uplink Node in the Appalachians, and the entire anti-missile defense system is offline. To make matters worse, our command and control networks have been isolated by very effective enemy jamming. The most troubling report so far was from the commandant at Norfolk; he reported that his base was under heavy attack before the jamming started, and we haven't heard anything since.

Our first priority is to restore our communications network and get a bigger picture of what's going on. At this point, we're nearly blind. We have to isolate the source of the enemy jamming and destroy it at all costs. Our latest estimates place the source of the jamming in the vicinity of Chicago. Find that jamming station and destroy it, Captain.


David Crenshaw and his wingmen, with the help of an AWACS Citadel, destroy all five mobile jamming sources outside of Chicago and assisted a US Army Battalion to destroy the main jammer located inside a building in downtown Chicago.



Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X - Mission 12- Iron Arrow -HD- -Elite Difficulty-