Operation: Cobalt
Vital statistics
Date September 2, 2015
Location Central Africa
Result Artemis victory
Artemis Global Security People of God's Army
Reaper Flight (3 planes) Base camps
None All forces
Next Operation: Blacklight
Previous Operation: Adder

Operation: Cobalt is a mission conducted by Artemis Global Security in 2015, as a result of David Crenshaw's performance on his first contract. The PMC is contracted by the United Nations to aid the African Union in a fight between them and a guerrilla group named People of God's Army.


Artemis has been contracted by the United Nations to carry out airstrikes against insurgents in the African Union. The UN hopes that a devastating state will force the rebels to negotiate an end to the savage fighting in the region.


Colonel Bruce: Solid performance on your first mission Crenshaw, that will go a long way to establishing our reputation as a top military contractor. I'm confirming your promotion to squadron leader. Congratulations Crenshaw. The success of the operation in the Middle East has helped our client services division secure several new contracts, including a medium-term assignment with the United Nations' Peacekeeping Directorate. The UN has offered us a trial contract to provide combat air support for the African Union; they're caught up in a bloody guerrilla war against an insurgent force calling itself the People of God's Army, currently led by a former warlord named General Ikuye. Your orders are to conduct air strikes against insurgent positions in the countryside south of the capital. Your objectives include a variety of military targets and facilities within the combat zone. The rebels also have a squadron of fighter planes operating out of an airfield in the region, so you may encounter enemy aircraft as well. This is the first time we will begin operating on behalf of United Nations, and it's a fantastic opportunity for our company. If there are no questions, you're dismissed. Good luck and good hunting.


Crenshaw's flight used free-fall bombs to destroy 17 of the rebel bases, fuel, and vehicle depots in the area. They then captured General Ikuye's private plane and successfully completed their mission.


Tom Clancy's H.A.W

Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X - Mission 3- Cobalt -HD- -Elite Difficulty-



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