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Operation: Backhand
Vital statistics
Date June 25, 2021
Location Norfolk, VA
Result U.S. victory
U.S. military Artemis Global Security
Air Force:
H.A.W.X. squadron
Marine Corps:
Three amphibious assault teams
Base defense system
F/A-18C Hornets
Ground forces
Heavy Base defense system disabled
All forces
Next Operation: Thunderbolt
Previous Operation: Typhoon

Operation: Backhand is an amphibious assault launched by the U.S. military to retake the Norfolk Naval Base in Norfolk, Virginia from Artemis Global Security on June 25, 2021.


We've won a major victory at Chicago, and now we're capable of coordinating our forces and taking the fight to the enemy. Norfolk Naval Base was captured during the early stages of the attack, and its vital we retake the base immediately.


Major Derrick Wallace: "Welcome back, Captain. I'm afraid you're going back in the air as soon as your bird's been refueled. Here's the current situation. Now that we've taken out the enemy jamming we are starting to get a clearer picture of the Artemis attack - and the situation is even worse than we feared. There have been airstrikes or hit-and-run attacks at most of the major US military bases across the country. As you probably know, Norfolk Naval Base has been the focus of Artemis' attack and we fear the base's defense has been overwhelmed. The last message we received from the base commandant was that they were under heavy air and ground attack. We have to assume that Artemis has gained complete control of the base. It's absolutely vital that we retake Norfolk. It's the primary storage depot for the Atlantic fleet nuclear weapons. We're gathering all the troops at our disposal - including NATO reinforcements sent and the Andrew Jackson Carrier Battle Group in the Pacific - to take part in the attack. Norfolk's defenses are extensive, and include highly advanced surface-to-air missile systems. You're going to have to perform a series of difficult and dangerous airstrikes to disable the coastal defense network so the amphibious assault team can make their landing. Once the Marines hit the beach you'll need to provide close air support for the assault teams until they reach their objectives. Failure is not an option, Captain. Good luck and good hunting."


David Crenshaw used his ERS system that was downloaded and performed three sorties through the extensive, but highly advanced defense system to destroy three radar command centers before providing close air support for the Marines as they retook the base.



Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X - Mission 14- Backhand -HD- -Elite Difficulty-