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Operation: Backfire
Vital statistics
Date April 4, 2021
Location Brazilian highlands
Result Las Trinidad's intelligence obtained
U.S. military
Artemis Global Security
Las Trinidad
Reaper Flight
Ghost Recon
Camp defenses
None Heavy
Next Operation: Ulysses
Previous Operation: Glass Hammer

Operation: Backfire was a joint US/Artemis Global Security mission to gain intelligence from Las Trinidad in 2021.

Reaper Flight escorted a Ghost Recon team to Las Trinidad's base, code-name Sierra Five.


Despite our victory at Rio de Janerio, the United States has decided to send military support to Brazil to prevent a broader regional conflict. Now we've been relegated to a support role, protecting US Special Forces teams in the highlands.


Colonel Bruce: I'll get straight to the point, Crenshaw; even though the defense of Rio was a success, the situation has been taken out of our hands. The United States of America has decided to intervene directly. They fear the situation could degenerate into a regional conflict. Several US Special Forces teams have already been flown into the country, and the James Lawrence carrier battle group is on the way. We're no longer directly in control of military operations in Brazil. Moreover, we are compelled by our client to support the US government's military efforts to end the conflict. Our stock has slipped more than five points, and we're looking at a loss of more than eighty million dollars this week alone. The Board must now reevaluate our position here in Brazil. The US Special Forces command has requested Artemis' support until more US forces arrive in theater. We're giving them you and your former HAWX wingmen. Provide the US forces with the minimum amount of support possible; we have no intention of losing more money than we already have. General Keating will be your supervisor for this mission; he'll brief you on the details.

General Keating: It's good to see you again, David! This is going to be just like old times. The United States need Artemis' help to provide close air support for a Ghost team we've just inserted into the Amazon rain forest. The team is operating behind enemy lines to raid a field headquarters and gather intel on Las Trinidad's ground offensive. If the raid succeeds, it could undermine the enemy's entire ground campaign and force Las Trinidad to the negotiating table. Good luck and good hunting. We're counting on you Crenshaw.


Captain David Crenshaw and his men defended the Ghosts as they infiltrate Las Trinidad's base; Sierra Five, allowing them to retrieve Las Trinidad's ground offensive details. During the evacuation phase, their ERS was compromised and Colonel Bruce ordered them to withdraw. Crenshaw and his men disobeyed the order and protected the helicopters as they left the combat zone.



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