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Operation: Adder
Vital statistics
Date March 23, 2015
Location Al'Hudun oil complex,
Middle East
Result Artemis victory
Artemis Global Security Unnamed PMC
Reaper Flight (3 fighters) Ground forces
AH-64 Apaches
Tu-22 bomber squadron
None All forces
Next Operation: Cobalt
Previous Operation: Ghost Rider

Operation: Adder was an operation conducted by Artemis Global Security on March 23, 2015. It was David Crenshaw's first mission with Artemis, in which Artemis was contracted by a Middle Eastern client for protecting his oil refinery from one of his enemies' attack.


Artemis Global Security has been contracted by a Mideast client that has suffered a number of attacks from PMC forces hired by a neighboring rogue state.


Adrian DeWinter: Welcome to your new life, David. I'm Adrian DeWinter, CEO of Artemis Global Security. We're glad that you and other members of the H.A.W.X. squadron have decided to accept our offer of employment. Artemis operates under the Private Military Treaty set by the Reykjavik Accords of 2012; we're considered an extraterritorial legal entity, with a mandate to operate all around the world. Artemis is still a small corporation, but we are conducting negotiations with prestigious clients interested in our military expertise and first-rate equipment. Now, let me introduce you to Colonel Bruce. He'll be your direct Operations Supervisor and make sure you get all the information you need.

Colonel Bruce: Hello Crenshaw. I'm Colonel Bruce, Artemis' Flight Operations Supervisor. I'm sure you and I will work very well together if you're as good as you claim to be. I'm temporarily assigning you command of your former squadron; we'll decide after the mission if you can keep that position permanently. For your first mission I'm sending you to the Middle East. We have been contacted by a client in the Persian Gulf to ensure the security of its oil industry assets. Your mission is to protect the refinery complex of Al'Hudun from possible attack by one of our client's many enemies. We're expecting great things from you and your men, Crenshaw. Don't disappointed us.


Crenshaw and his squadron defended the Al'Hudun's refinery complex from the PMC ground forces, attack helicopters and SEPECAT Jaguars' attacks. Lastly, they shot down the heavy bomber squadron that was trying to destroy the complex, along with their escort fighters.



Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X - Mission 2- Adder -HD- -Elite Difficulty-