Norfolk Naval Base is a United States Navy base in Virginia.


During the Artemis Global Security crisis in 2021, Artemis launched airstrikes or hit-and-run attacks at most of the major U.S. military bases across the country, including Norfolk Naval Base.

In response, the U.S. military launched an amphibious assault to retake the base. However, Artemis ground troops had also taken control of Norfolk's highly advanced defense system as deterrence to incoming aerial attacks.

Captain David Crenshaw of H.A.W.X. squadron used the upgraded ERS to protect himself from anti-aircraft fire while destroying three command centers to disable Norfolk's defense system. Then, the Marine Corps amphibious assault teams began their landing to retake the base.

After the Marines had taken control of the base and release the prisoners, they found that Artemis special operations units had stolen at least twelve nuclear warheads from the base's storage depot shortly before the U.S. Navy was able to retake the base.


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