No Room for Error
HAWX 2-16
Vital statistics
Date Near future,
ten hours after
Location Cape Town, South Africa
H.A.W.X. squadron Insurgents
Rafale M
South African and US AWACS planes
V-22 Osprey
(Stephan Drachev and EOD team)
Mi-24D Hinds
Hacked radio dishes
Nuclear warhead
None All forces
Nuclear warhead recaptured
Next Maelstrom
Previous Getaway

No Room for Error is a mission conducted by H.A.W.X. squadron in the near future.


After rescuing Captain Sokov and Agent Drachev, the HAWX crew finds out about the Russian conspiracy and about the threat of a nuclear bomb being detonated inside Cape Town. Carrying a Russian device that can track the bomb, they head into the city in a race against time.


After insurgents smuggled a nuclear warhead into Cape Town, Hunter launched from the French Navy aircraft carrier Villeneuve to find the warhead. Hunter uses his cannon to destroy the hacked radio dishes which were jamming them and shot down mobile jammers mounted on Mi-24D Hinds. Using South African AWACS planes, Hunter located the warhead which loaded on the truck and destroy its escort vehicles. Agent Drachev and a EOD team landed to secure the warhead.


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