H.A.W.X Wiki
Active 2016-2021
Branch Artemis Global Security
Type Heavy warship
Engagements Operation: Ulysses
Appearances Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X.

The Myrmidon is a state-of-the art warship and the powerful flagship of Artemis Global Security.


It was ordered somewhere between 2016 and 2021 and was presumably deployed into its Pacific Fleet. The Myrmidon and its escorts was sent to the Magellan Straits to assist its contract with Brazil and provided support for the USS James Lawrence and her fleet.

The Myrmidon took part in the Brazil operation, and soon after Artemis assigned a contract with the nationalist anti-U.S. alliance; Las Trinidad, the captain of the Myrmidon and Colonel Bruce ordered Adam Bowden, the commanding officer of USS James Lawrence to withdraw or they would be destroyed. Unwilling to turn against their own countrymen, David Crenshaw and his men defected to protect the U.S. fleet. After the destruction of the Myrmidon, Crenshaw and his men left Artemis and rejoined the H.A.W.X. squadron.