Mig-33 Super Fulcrum
Mig-33 SuperFulcrum
Origin RUS Russian Federation
Role Multirole fighter
Air superiority fighter
Manufacturer Sokol Plant
Primary user RUS AF Russian Air Force
General characteristics
Crew 1
Length 17.37 m (57 ft)
Wingspan 11.4 m (37.3 ft)
Height 4.73 m (15.6 ft)
Loaded weight 17,500 kg (38,581 lb)
Maximum speed 2,100 km/h (1,491 mph)
Range 2,000 km (1,240 mi)
Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X.
series information
Appearances H.A.W.X.

The designation MiG-33 has been associated with two different Mikoyan fighter designs. It was first employed for a single-engined, lightweight strike fighter similar in capabilities to the F-16 Fighting Falcon. More formally known as "Project 33", development work began on this design about 1980, but it was cancelled in 1986 as the result of changing Soviet Air Force requirements. However, in 1998 China purchased the design and test data from Russia to aid in expediting the development of the Chengdu JF-17/FC-1. More recently, the MiG-33 designation was introduced at the 1994 Farnborough Airshow as the briefly used marketing name for the MiG-29ME export model of the MiG-29M "Super Fulcrum", a comprehensively upgraded, fully multirole version of the MiG-29. Although only a few MiG-29M aircraft were built (and none exported), they have served as prototypes for the development of the latest, most advanced Fulcrum variant, the MiG-35.

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