HAWX 2-17
Vital statistics
Date Near future,
2 months after
South African operation
Location Norwegian Sea
NATO Russian ultranationalist military
HMS Queen Victoria
NATO naval fleet
Sabre Flight
Large naval fleet
Aerial and attack fighters
6x Tupolev Tu-160M
Several Harriers
Allied ships and HMS Queen Victoria damaged
All forces
Next Amphibious Assault
Previous No Room for Error

Maelstrom is a mission conducted by NATO in the near future.


Soon after taking power, the new leaders in Kremlin invade Norway under the pretense that they need the country's oil to make up for the loss of the Romashkino oil fields. With the bulk of the US forces deployed in the Middle East, the British are the first who advance towards Norway in order to help out. During the journey, Colin Munro takes part in his first real dogfight.


Commander Dennis Gates: It has been a full month since Russian naval and airborne assault forces staged an invasion of Norway from their bases along the Kola Peninsula. Their objective was to seize control of the North Sea oil fields to replace energy capacity lost after the destruction of the Romashkino oil complex. The United Kingdom and other NATO powers are assembling an expeditionary force to help our Norwegian allies liberate their country. The Queen Victoria and her task force have been ordered into the Norwegian Sea to support this effort. We're heading towards the Norwegian coast at best possible speed, but the latest satellite images confirm that Russian naval units are moving to intercept us. The Admiralty assures us that help is on the way, but until they arrive, we're on our own. At their present speed, the Russians will be in range in just a few minutes. All pilots, report to your planes!


At the Norwegian Sea, The Queen Victoria was under attack by Russian fighters and Sabre Flight took off from the carrier to intercept them and destroy the first wave of enemy ships and the allied naval ships, as well as the HMS Resolution, had arrived into the combat zone. After the first wave of enemy forces were destroyed, Munro could land on the carrier to rearm and destroy the second wave of enemy ships and fighters. With all of the enemy forces were destroyed, a Russian Air Force bomber squadron flew in to destroy the fleet. However, Sabre Flight intercepted them and Munro returned to the carrier to prepare for the next operation.


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