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Las Trinidad was an anti-U.S. alliance PMC operating in 2021 and their base of operations (code-name: Sierra Five) was located in the Brazilian highlands.


In February 25th, Las Trinidad tried to invade Rio de Janeiro, but they were defeated by Reaper Flight and Artemis Global Security as they had assigned a defense contract with Brazil that would also made Artemis one of the top private military corporations in the world.

In April 4th, the Las Trinidad's base was attacked and invaded by Reaper Flight and the U.S. Army Ghost Recon team led by Captain Scott Mitchell to seize their offensive plans as the U.S. intervened and requested Artemis' help to put an end of the conflict.

With their offensive plans seized, the U.S. Navy deployed their fleet to the Straits of Magallan in June 19th and Reaper Flight provided air supremacy to the fleet as they engaged the Las Trinidad naval fleet. When Artemis lost their profit continuously, they switched sides and ultimately aligned with Las Trinidad, in which the Artemis conflict began.