H.A.W.X Wiki
Kelsa Townsend
Nationality USA.png American
Nickname Sonnet
Career information
Occupation Pilot
Rank Cpt.png Captain
Aircraft UAVs
Affiliations USAF.png United States Air Force
HAWX.png H.A.W.X. squadron

Captain Kelsa "Sonnet" Townsend is a UAV pilot in the H.A.W.X. squadron. She dreamed of going into space and studied the simulators.

In high school she had an affinity for math and acting. Her father was a truck driver and helped people, and she had two sisters. She was the first in her family to go to college, and was in the ROTC. She went into active duty and was there for seven years and flew the A-10 Thunderbolt II. She was responsible for developing tactics, and believed manned pilots would be obsolete within 20 years. She desired control and went into the UAV program (Skybugs and Pandora UCAVs) as she thought it was the future. She helped get Cole "Arrow" Bowman into H.A.W.X.

When H.A.W.X. Base was attacked, she launched the UCAVs against PMA's transport ships. She missed the rendezvous and was captured by DDI. The rest of the squadron rescued her from the maglev train. She and Arrow also helped train Chaser the Falcon. They were secretly tracked by Tak Sakai.

Later, Arrow discovered a transmitter in his plane. Townsend fled, and Arrow pursued her. She told him he wouldn't understand, and he was about to fire at her when his father, flight lead Alexander Bowman, who was said to have been killed, reappeared and told his son that Townsend was working as a double agent for him. Townsend joined in the assault against DDI and her UCAV destroyed the missile base. Later, she took control of DDI's shuttle along with Arrow and went to the Firestorm satellite. They docked with it, and Arrow made the shuttle depart, and it automatically descended to DDI's base. Arrow defended her using the satellite.

After the conflict was over, she departed the H.A.W.X. squadron as her feelings for Arrow were interfering with the business.


  • In the Arena battle, she is assisted with two UAVs.