Hal Coughlin
Hal Coughlin
Nationality USA American
Nickname Hal
Died Sometime after 2012
Death place Malaysia
Family Father, Halbert Sr.
Career information
Occupation Pilot
Rank Cpt Captain
Aircraft F-16 Fighting Falcon
Affiliations United States Air Force
(55th Flight)

Firehawk, LLC

Halbert Coughlin, Jr. was the son of an Illinois congressman. During SERE training, he was abandoned by his partner Troy Loensch. Eventually he recovers and gets to pilot an F-16 Fighting Falcon as part of Falcon Flight to gather SIGINT for the Sudan conflict. Eventually the US lost the Sudan conflict. Falcon Flight all took early retirement, and Coughlin went to work in operations for Firehawk, LLC.

He worked in Operations, and eventually got engaged to fellow Falcon Flight pilot Jenna Munrough. As Firehawk discouraged fraternization, he went to fly for Escurecer, and separated from her when she cheated on him with Loensch. Just as his PMC joined with another, he was killed in action in Malaysia by Loensch. Pictures of his corpse were part of the reasons Loensch eventually helped the CIA investigate Firehawk.


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