HMS Resolution is an advanced air defense ship of the Royal Navy.



In the Norweign Sea, the Queen Victoria was under attack by a massive force of Russian fighters and ships, but Sabre Flight and Colin Munro engaged them until the HMS Resolution and the other allied ships joined into the combat zone. After the enemy fleet and fighters were destroyed, an enemy bomber squadron flew into the combat zone in a last-ditch attempt to destroy the fleet until Sabre Flight shot them down. After the enemy bomber squadron was destroyed, Munro landed on the carrier and ending the mission.

Amphibious AssaultEdit

In the following morning off the coast of Norway, the Royal Navy deployed a landing craft carrying a Ghost Recon team to secure the coastal areas while the fleet sailed to the target area. While advancing, the fleet encountered a minefield and stopped advancing, but the USS Carter did not stop and the exploding sea mine caused the ship to sunk before Munro cleared the way. After the minefield was destroyed, the gun batteries on the mountainside started to attack the fleet, which took out both the HMS Resolution and the USS Morse during the bombardment. Once the batteries are destroyed, the HMS Resolution docked next to the mountainside while the fleet continued to sail to the objective.


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