This is a policy page.

Pages on the H.A.W.X Wiki should have a general style.

Articles are considered to be in-universe and written as if the events in the Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X. universe really happened.

Articles should ideally have an infobox. Instructions on how to use them are listed in their respective template pages.

Page names are bolded in the introductory paragraph using three marks on either side of the text.

Articles are separated into different sections. To start a new heading, put ==Text here== For instance, biography or characteristics.

Each article should include all the relevant links, with each link applied just once. Exceptions can be made if the article has an introductory paragraph. Additionally, links can be made to applicable wikis or Wikipedia.

Each page should have an References section with a bulleted list of where it appears. We count even off-hand mentions. If the article features sourcing using the {{Reflist}} template, put it under an additional heading titled "Notes".

Each page should also be linked to at least one relevant category at the end of the page. Subsequent categories can be added in alphabetical order if they also apply.

If there is relevant out-of-universe information, it can be added to a Trivia section. Examples include alternate gameplay scenarios or development information.

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