H.A.W.X Wiki
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Vital statistics
Date Near future,
1 hour later
Location Russia (Separatist territory)
Russian defectors
H.A.W.X. squadron
Russian military
1 Su-30 MKI
3 F/A-18E Super Hornets
AA guns
Ground vehicles
None Several aircraft
Next No Room for Error
Previous The Truth

Getaway is the mission in the near future where both Captain Dmitri Sokov and Voron Agent Stephan Drachev defected from General Vasily Morgunov's special forces unit.


Following the coup d'etat, Russia is under a complete information blackout. The only way for agent Drachev and Captain Sokov to deliver the essential information that they have to the West is to take it with them as they steal a plane and head for a rendezvous with the HAWX.


Drachev and Sokov stole a fast, but unarmed fighter from Hanger Four within Alagir Forward Air Base, narrowly avoid crashing on the runway. Sokov sped through a nearby canyon and, until he reached to the other side, the pair were surrounded by Sokov's former teammates. Then, Drachev called in a favor from the U.S. military and their Air Force's elite H.A.W.X. squadron arrived and saved the pair. Then, they escorted the pair to an American refueling tanker before taking a few hour-long journey to Incirlik where Colonel Crenshaw was waiting for Drachev to make a personal debrief about the new information of what Drachev knew about the missing nuclear warhead.