Firestorm Satellite

The Firestorm satellite is an orbital weapons platform that features phased particle accelerators. The satellite fired single beams or a large blast known as "the storm". It was supposed to be a joint US-Russian system, but it was canceled due to budget cuts. Colonel Rainmaker and DDI finished it and placed at least two in orbit.

One was used to almost trap Arrow and Dagger at a secret DDI base. They tracked it and captured a shuttle launch pad. Arrow and Sonnet took the shuttle to the station, and hacked a defense turret to draw in the mines then hacked its ERS to dock with it. Sonnet took the shuttle back, with Arrow protecting her as she landed. Arrow was on-board when Rainmaker activated the self-destruct. He managed to escape using the C.H.A.S.E.R. suit.

Rainmaker later took control of a second system, bragging that he was thinking globally when building them. He used the system to try and shoot down Arrow and Zeal who were chasing him after the destruction of his hidden base. He jammed their locks, but had to disable it to lock the Firestorm on. Zeal tricked him into flying into a beam, foiling his plans.

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