Firehawk, LLC is a private military company based in Herndon, Virginia. Their logo was a bird's head surrounded by flames. The headquarters was a seven-story building. When it was formed, it was focused primarily on air operations. They recruited Falcon Force: Troy Loensch, Jenna Munrough and Hal Coughlin. General Raymond Harris became the head of Air Operations.

Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X. (novel)Edit

During Loensch's first conflict, with Andy Preston as his wingman, they bought out Svartvand BV, another PMC. Following a series of successful conflicts, Harris became the CEO, and they were assigned control of the HAWX Program out of Nellis Air Force Base. After Loensch discovered Harris' document about The Transition, an accident was faked. Months later, Firehawk spear-headed the effort to place the Executive Branch under its control. With the help of Cernavoda Partners, they stationed tanks in Washington and Congress passed the bill. When President Albert Fachearon refused to capitulate, Harris took a Raven to drop a nuclear weapon on the President, but was killed by the newly-returned Loensch. Joe Turcios replaced Harris as CEO, and Aron Arnold became the head of the HAWX program. Munrough was reassigned to the HAWX Program and the company prepared to execute its new responsibilities.


  • Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X. (novel)
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