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Дмитрий Иванович Соков
Dmitri Sokov
Nationality RUS.jpg Russian
Nickname Captain Sokov
Birth place Russia
Career information
Occupation Fighter Pilot
Rank RUS AF Cpt.png Captain
Aircraft MiG-29 Fulcrum E
Su-27 Flanker
Su-34 Fullback
Su-35BM Flanker-E
Affiliations Spetsnaz logo.png Spetzgruppa Medved (Formerly)
RUS AF.png Russian Air Force

Captain Dmitri Ivanovich Sokov is a Russian pilot of Spetzgruppa Medved in the near future.


During the separatist conflict, Medved was scrambled to intercept a large formation of stolen military planes from Buynaksk Air Base as they made a desperately attempt to save their leaders due to the loyal military forces under the command of Sokov's commanding officer, General Vasily Morgunov, surrounding them in the mountains close to the border.

As Medved was ambushed, Denisov, Sokov and their men were forced to shoot down all of the stolen planes, as well as their escorts. Then, Morgunov had them refueled, and shot down all attack planes which threatened the ground forces withdrawing from the region.

Soon after, they launched an offensive behind enemy lines to recover the stolen nuclear warheads. They recovered two of them from the train (with one unaccountable), but while on route to the allied territory, one of the transports was shot down, and Sokov was forced to destroy the dam to flood the separatists and entomb the warhead.

Later, a nuclear bomb detonated in the Romashkino Oil Fields and Morgunov ordered Medved to deploy attack drones to hunt down enemy leaders. Suddenly, Sokov was contacted by Agent Drachev and he explained that Morgunov was secretly funding the separatists and how Morgunov and Aleksandr Treskayev used the separatists to create tensions in Moscow and undermine President Karzkazev's government, as well as crippling Russia's energy industry.

In order to convince Sokov to defect, he had him eavesdropping the secret phone conversation between one of the separatist leaders and Morgunov. After accepting the truth, Sokov copied the incriminating evidence under Drachev's instructions and met him at Hanger Four.

Then, Drachev and Sokov fled the country as the men stole the fastest, but unarmed plane from Alagir Forward Air Base before heading to the rendezvous point to meet with the elite H.A.W.X. squadron of the United States Air Force and refueled for a long journey to Incirlik.

Months later, when Treskayev became President in a coup, the H.A.W.X. squadron, a Ghost Recon team and the loyalist forces led an assault on the Moscow Kremlin to capture the ultranationalist. Sokov flew against his former colleagues, and they retook Moscow.

After President Karzkazev was reinstated, Morgunov and his remaining forces managed to escape from loyalist forces and they seized an arctic nuclear missile base near Kamchatka Peninsula with the intention of launching ICBMs at major cities all over the world. A strike team comprised of Sokov, Drachev, H.A.W.X. and the armored troops attacked the base and Hunter destroyed the command bunker, ultimately killing the rogue general in the explosion.