HAWX 2-1
Vital statistics
Date Near future
Location Prince Faisal Airbase, Jordan
Insurgents U.S. military
Dozen Russian-made
Kh-16 cruise missiles
H.A.W.X. squadron
Echo Four
Base personnel
Copperhead Squadron
Convoy decimated 400 personnel
30 aircraft
Copperhead One-One
Next Training Day
Previous Mess with the Best

Contact is a mission conducted by the U.S. military during the insurgent conflict in the near future.


With tensions in the Middle East on the rise, the HAWX, an elite black-ops squadron, is posted in the region. When a suspicious convoy is spotted approaching their base, Colonel David Crenshaw takes off to investigate.


Colonel David Crenshaw was ordered to investigate suspicious activity near the surrounding area of Prince Faisal Air Base and he took off using his H.A.W.X.-designated F-16 to patrol the abandoned village, an allied supply convoy and the friendly observation post before flying to investigate the suspicious convoy and meet up with Copperhead Squadron.

When the attack helicopters tried to stop the convoy, an insurgent fired an RPG from the ground and shot down Copperhead One-One and Crenshaw quickly responded by destroying all enemy vehicles near the base's north gate. After completing his assignment, Crenshaw was about to land when the base was attacked and destroyed by a dozen cruise missiles launched from the unknown region and Crenshaw went into missing in action after being shot down by one of the missiles.



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