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Burj Al Nasr was a remote mountain city in the Middle East.

Desert Fortress[]

Three days later after Seek and Destroy, the U.S. military launched Operation Fortress, an assault on the city and capture the insurgent leader Mansour Hafiz. The H.A.W.X. squadron infiltrates the city via canyon and protect the assault team with unmanned combat aerial drones while they advanced to the insurgent airfield. The assault team sucessfully captured the airfield and Major Alex Hunter landed and rearm for ground attack as the insurgent forces prepared for a counterattack at the airfield, but was repelled.


After the U.S. military had taken control of the airfield, they faced a constant threats. During the night, Hunter launched from the airfield to destroy the city's power plants to disable the air defense system with help from an electronic warfare squadron of E-2C Hawkeyes, which activated their jamming system to disrupt the air defenses from locking on, allow the United States Air Force to sent in their transports for a counterattack at dawn.

Final Push[]

After the U.S. military received reinforcements, they prepared for a final assault in the city and capture Hafiz. The H.A.W.X. squadron was launched to protect the allied forces, including a squadron of AC-130 gunships (Dragon), from all enemy forces. While they're halfway to Hafiz's location, the enemy artillery in the mountains opened fire at the allied forces and Hunter destroyed them so they can advanced again. After reached Hafiz's location, Voron agent Stephan Drachev located Hafiz hiding in the bunker and Hunter destroyed the entrance so Drachev and the allied forces can gain access and capture Hafiz.