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Behind Enemy Lines
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Vital statistics
Date Near future,
30 minutes later
Location Russia
(Separatist territory)
Russian military Separatists
Spetzgruppa Medved
Two transports
Aircraft, captured AA guns
Medved 202 shot down Aircraft

Ground forces drowned

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Previous Trans Caucasus Express

Behind Enemy Lines is a mission conducted in the near future by Spetzgruppa Medved.


With the recovered nukes in two, Spetzgruppa Medved make their way through separatist territory. Captain Sokov uses an electronic warfare pod that makes the allied planes undetectable to the separatists, forcing their planes to attack him instead. Even with his heroics, the journey remains perilous for the transport plane carrying the nuclear devices.


After separatists stole three nuclear weapons, Medved seized a Separatist airbase and recovered two of the warheads from the train. Morgunov ordered them to follow a direct path back to base, and one of the planes was hit by anti-aircraft fire. It crashed, and attacked by ground forces. Morgunov ordered the Medved air force squadron to shoot a dam and prevent the seizure of the warhead. Captain Dmitri Sokov complied, and the area was flooded. Drachev survived, and would later contact Sokov.