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Aron Arnold
Aron Arnold.png
Nationality USA.png American
Birth place Orlando, Florida
Career information
Occupation Pilot
Aircraft Su-25
Affiliations United States Air Force (formerly)
Svartvand BV
Firehawk, LLC

Aron Arnold is a former United States Air Force pilot flying for Svartvand BV. He was engaged in Guatemala against Firehawk, LLC before Svartvand was bought out by Firehawk. That night, he met Troy Loensch, who was flying against him earlier in the day during the assault, at the celebratory dinner.

Months later, they were reunited at the HAWX Program and piloted the prototype Shakuru. Soon after, Arnold returned to Firehawk HQ to work for the CEO Raymond Harris. Following the passage of the Executive Branch Management Bill, Arnold was assigned to deliver a message to President Albert Fachearon. He was escorted by a Navy Petty Officer once at Camp David. Unbeknownst to Arnold, a transmitter was placed in his phone to guide in Harris, who was going to drop a nuclear warhead on the President. Loensch managed to kill Harris before he could drop, and Arnold became the head of the HAWX program and subsequently recruited Jenna Munrough into HAWX.

He was not particularly patriotic. Motivated by money, he saw loyalty as relative.