Alexander Bowman
Dagger HAWX2.png
Nationality USA.png American
Nickname Dagger
Family Cole Bowman (Son)
Curtis Bowman (Son)
Career information
Occupation Pilot
Rank Colonel.png Colonel
Aircraft KA-50, F-117
Affiliations USAF.png United States Air Force,
HAWX.png H.A.W.X. squadron

Alexander "Dagger" Bowman is a Colonel in the H.A.W.X. Project. In the near future, as David Crenshaw deploys to the Middle East, Bowman is left in command of the US wing and brought its international response time down to 8 hours. As the US trains more drone pilots, Bowman leads the squadron in combat against his old wingmate Rainmaker.

During the First Gulf War, he conducted combat operations with Checkmate squadron and Rainmaker in Iraq. On one mission, they deviated from their course and wandered into a friendly kill zone. They made it to the airport, and Rainmaker abandoned his wingman to take out a bomber. Their next mission was to defend oil fields from the Republican Guards. Dagger was forced to refuel, and Rainmaker defended him. They then took out the command center. Soon after, they were assigned to defend Army Rangers escorting an HVT. AS they passed through a village, Rainmaker fired on enemy forces, causing collateral damage. He tried to get Dagger to cover for him, but Bowman turned him in.

Manny Gutierrez was his crew chief for years. Later, as Bowman was about to retire, he was called into a meeting with Crenshaw and the Air Force Chief of Staff and was asked to take over the H.A.W.X. Program as they dealt with a hotspot in the Caribbean.

He made a promise to his wife that Cole would not fly after the death of his oldest son Curtis. Soon after, his wife died in an accident. He followed through on his promise, and when Cole found out, disappeared. He later had nightmares about firing on his son, who was flying for PMCs.

In the near future, Rainmaker's PMC DDI began combat operations against H.A.W.X. Dagger was shot down on a mission and Sonnet told his son Arrow that he had been killed.

In reality, Dagger went underground to monitor Rainmaker and convinced Sonnet to become a double agent. When her transmitter was discovered on Arrow's plane, he fled and Arrow was about to shoot her down when Dagger intervened in an F-117. He returned to lead H.A.W.X. and followed Arrow's idea to go on the offensive. During the final portion of the covert war, he took it out of the black and called in reinforcements. Then, he piloted a CH-47 to rescue Sonnet and was separated from Arrow, who with the mysterious Major Zeal's help, destroyed Rainmaker's operation.

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