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Alex Hunter
Nationality USA.png American
Career information
Occupation Pilot
Rank Major.png Major
Aircraft A-10
F-22 Raptor
Affiliations USAF.png United States Air Force
HAWX.png H.A.W.X. squadron
"Striker Three-Three, you did it. You pulled the world back from the brink. I'd recommend you for every medal in the books, but I don't think they'd be enough."
— Crenshaw to Hunter after defeating Morgunov

Major Alex Hunter is a pilot in H.A.W.X. squadron. In the near future, the squadron is wiped out at Prince Faisal Air Base, leaving Hunter and two other pilots remaining.

Hunter took the guns of an AC-130 gunship to rescue Colonel David Crenshaw and escorted a Ghost Recon team as they extracted Crenshaw in an insurgent-held territory. They then attack an insurgent-held oil refinery complex owned by ArnaCo in the Indian Ocean. He then controlled a UAV and worked with a Russian FSB agent, code-named Wolfhound, to track the insurgents and an arms dealer in Africa. An hour later, he hit the targets he had marked to dismantle the insurgent weapon smuggling chain.

Soon after, they tracked the insurgent network to Burj Al Nasr in the Middle East. They struck an air base and captured it with the aid of ground forces. The following night, Hunter and his squad hit the city's power grid and captured the insurgent leader, Mansour Hafiz.

Soon after, Wolfhound contacted them with the defecting pilot Captain Sokov. They tracked a stolen Russian nuclear warhead to Cape Town, South Africa. They destroyed all radar jamming sources and secured the warhead.

They then went to Moscow to retake the Kremlin. Finally, they tracked the rogue General Vasily Morgunov to an arctic nuclear missile base near Kamchatka. His wingmen were killed, but Hunter stopped the ICBM launch and destroyed the command bunker. He escaped the explosion and Colonel Crenshaw complimented him on saving millions.


Hunter is one of the three player-controlled characters.