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Alagir Forward Air Base is a Russian Air Force base that was mentioned in Behind Enemy Lines and only seen in Getaway.


Voron Agent Stephan Drachev and Captain Dmitri Sokov defected from General Vasily Morgunov's special forces unit and stole an unarmed SU-30 MKI fighter from Hangar Four. Sokov narrowly avoided crashing a blockade on the runway and managed to take off quickly.

Sokov sped into a nearby canyon to avoid anti-aircraft fire until he was surrounded by his former teammates after flying out to the exit. Drachev called in a favor from the U.S. military until the H.A.W.X. squadron arrived and saved the pair. Then, they flew to a United States Air Force refueling tanker to refuel their plane before taking a few hour-long journey to Incirlik.