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Adrian DeWinter
Adrian DeWinter.png
Died c. July 2021
Career information
Occupation Chief Executive Officer
Affiliations ARTEMIS logo.png Artemis Global Security

Adrian DeWinter is the CEO of Artemis Global Security, a Private Military Corporation based in the Caribbean Islands.


In 2014, he recruited the former members of the H.A.W.X. squadron, after the United States government shut the squadron down. Years later, he announced that he had stolen some US nuclear weapons and gave the country's President an ultimatum; an unconditional surrender in 24 hours or watch the US be destroyed. More loyal to the US than Artemis, Captain David Crenshaw and his men turned against DeWinter. Along with Captain Mitchell's Ghost Recon team, they managed to restore the Space, Land, Air Missile Shield and recovered the stolen nukes, but DeWinter still had a trump card.

Artemis forces managed to smuggle one nuclear warhead into Los Angeles, California and threatened to detonate it, but Crenshaw was sent in to find it. He was able to destroy the warhead, ending the Artemis threat once and for all.

However, after the United States dismantled Artemis, it is discovered that DeWinter and other Artemis executives had managed to escape. DeWinter was now the target of an international manhunt. His actions with Artemis cost 40,000 American lives. After intelligence from Third Echelon discovered DeWinter's location, Crenshaw was sent on a secret mission to assassinate his former boss and all remaining Artemis executives. His death ensured he could never endanger the world again.